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IMPORTANT UPDATE: 4th May 2020: Amp Maker will be reopening. The Covid-19 pandemic has altered my plans, but behind the scenes I am now working with suppliers to get the parts necessary to fulfil orders. In effect, I am 'rebooting' the business, so there will be many changes. Some products may not be available from the start. In particular, the amp kits rely on many suppliers and therefore are more likely to take time to prepare.

Please keep an eye on this web page for details and dates. If you see this type of page - basic HTML-only - then it means there's more work going on behind the scenes. Be aware that it may go offline for a few days, as part of the process is changing host, shopping cart software and payment processor. For the moment, many of my transformers are available to buy directly from the Primary Windings Web site.

In the meantime, thanks for your patience after this prolonged shutdown. Stay safe.

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