2013 changes to PP-36
barry (Administrator) 05-01-2013 at 08:14 PM.
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As mentioned on the http://www.ampmaker.com home page, I am revising most of the Amp Maker kits. I will use this thread to add details as I work through the changes to the PP-36.

To clarify the ordering situation: the original PP-36 kit will continue to be available until the new version is ready. After that the original PP-36 will be available as a special order. You can decide whether to buy now or wait for the new version.

The #1 update
The new version of the PP-36 will have a wider tonal palette, thanks to the use of two EL84s and two 6L6s in the power amp section. You will be able to use them alone or blend them together. The prototype is up and running but needs tweaking - details to follow as soon as possible.
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