Scratchbuilt amplifiers (not kits)
barry (Administrator) 06-12-2016 at 07:18 PM.
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Jean-Loup's old radio revamp
"I have made a hybrid amp between PP-18 and P1800 into a very small old Dehay radio. Preamp section is PP18 and the power amp section is the P1800 with the four modes and VVR.

"The turret board has turrets and components on both top and bottom - mandatory to fit into this small enclosure. Three front knobs: Gain, Master, Tone. Two back knobs: P1800 selector, VVR. Sounds very good, no hum, headroom significantly increased with 12AT7 in phase inverter position."

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barry (Administrator) 06-12-2016 at 07:24 PM.
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David's version of the WF-55
David from Brazil scratchbuilt a Champ using the WF-55 manual as his build guide.

"Hi Barry. This is the guy from Brasil. My WF is ready, finally. The cab was made by Family Jorge Luthier, they are very well known here in Brazil; they also made the chassis. They are two sisters one is Veronita and the other is Adalbrair, see here:

"I could not find the UF 4007 diodes, so I changed to vishay byv26e. With the Eminence GB 1258 I hear the perfect tube overdrive."

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barry (Administrator) 06-12-2016 at 07:34 PM.
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Eddie's hybrid Champ
"Thought I'd just let you know I've finished my first project with the bits you recently sold me, and have attached a few pics. It's based on the WF-55 amp, with a Brownface tone stack that can be bypassed to return back to Tweed Champ mode (with a bypass capacitor on the first gain stage).

"It also has adjustable negative feed back. I used a Vox VT20 cabinet which was available, which meant I had to make my own chassis. I'm now looking forward to giving it a first public run out."

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barry (Administrator) 06-12-2016 at 10:13 PM.
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Alexis' Two Stroke build
"I don't know if you remember but some time ago I said I'd send you some photos of your amps I've made and that I was putting a web site together. Finally the web site is published -

"The Meteor is based on the 2 stroke amp as described in Dave Hunter's Guitar Amp Handbook. I know it's not one of yours but you supplied a lot of the parts."

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barry (Administrator) 06-12-2016 at 11:23 PM.
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Rob's classic 50W plexi build
"I thought you'd like to see pics of the 1987x I was building, quite a few of the parts are from yourself, most of the parts on the board, wiring kit, hardware kit, switches, fuse holders etc.

"It's got the standard style master volume on the back which works well. Only thing left to do is the 500pf across the volume pot which this one needs. I'm leaving out the 0.86uF cathode bypass cap on V2 as I use a strat quite a bit and my Les Paul is quite toppy

"Nice AC/DC sound on at about 4 on the volume, tones at 1 o'clock and bypass cap on volume. I prefer it to the JTM45 I built at the moment but that could be down to the master volume which I still haven't done on that one yet."

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