P1800 and PP-18 amplifiers
barry (Administrator) 05-17-2011 at 08:51 PM.
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Haanu-Pekka Haavikko's Red PP-18

"I finished my PP-18 a couple of months ago. I've played maybe ten gigs with it and used it for recording. It's a great little thing, I love it! Here's a picture, check it out. Chris made the cabs. And yes, the other guitarist and the bassist in our band have Orange amps."

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barry (Administrator) 05-17-2011 at 08:51 PM.
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Dave Deighton's black PP-18 mini-stack

"Just a quick update... we have finished the amp tonight and tested it out. It sounds excellent through the 2x12 speaker cab I built at the same time - enough to make the letterbox rattle! It's my first go at tolexing (and not something recommended for my unheated workshop - I have admitted to my wife that I "borrowed" her hairdryer for the stretchy bits).

"Instructions were dead easy to follow, BTW. Thanks for making this so straightforward!"

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barry (Administrator) 05-17-2011 at 08:52 PM.
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Billy Hammersley's PP-18

"I just thought I'd finally send you a couple of pics of my amp. I've only just got the logo plate done. The 2x12 cab was made by Chis and the head cab I had bought from Ebay before I even got the kit from you. And coincidentally I later realised that I had bought it from Chris as well!"

"Anyway, thanks again for the kit, it's my main gigging amp now and I love it. I've been on a Celestion buying spree recently so I'm just going through all the different combination of speakers to see what sounds best."

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barry (Administrator) 05-17-2011 at 08:53 PM.
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Mike Parker's PP-18 and outboard reverb

To accompany his PP-18 amp, Mike used other Amp Maker parts to build a clone of the 6G15 Fender reverb. (Details are in the scratchbuilt section). This uses the same chassis as the PP-18 so the cabinets stack together.

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barry (Administrator) 05-17-2011 at 08:54 PM.
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Angelo Giaquinto's PP-18

A number of Amp Maker builders have opted for their own amp branding; Angelo went for 'A G Electric' on a large brass plate. "I'm attaching some piccies of my completed amp that I thought you might like to see. I'm very pleased with the result."

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barry (Administrator) 05-17-2011 at 10:06 PM.
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Andy Preston's chunky PP-18

As a guitar maker - see http://www.wudtone.com - Andy has access to plenty of attractive wood stock. And his PP-18 is pretty unique: beautifully grained wood in the chunkiest design I've ever seen. Smile

Check out Andy's band here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Mojojimthemu...ature=mhum

Andy also sent a clip (see second attachment).

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barry (Administrator) 06-12-2011 at 06:23 AM.
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Luca De Rugeriis' VVRed PP-18

I love this colour combination: wine with white piping. "I'd seen a Mesa Stiletto with that covering and I fell in love." Luca found a local cabinet builder to do the work.

Look closely and you can see a third control knob added to the PP-18's usual two. Internally, Luca has added VVR (a circuit for lowering the amplifier's B+ voltage to get crunch at lower room volumes).

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barry (Administrator) 10-25-2011 at 12:20 AM.
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Michael Brooks' low-rise combo

To make his PP-18 combo as low as possible, Michael made it considerably deeper than the typical 9"/230mm of most typical Marshall-style combos. This allows the valves and transformers to clear the back of the speaker. Michael also added two small circular vents to allow air to circulate around the valves.

Very kindly, Michael has sent over his cabinet plans for any builders who want to try the same approach (see attachments, below).

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barry (Administrator) 06-14-2015 at 09:57 PM.
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Per's 18W triplets
"I got for the first time 3 of my amps together so I took some photos. The one in front is an original PP-18. To the right, my first seperate head and cab, a P1800.

"To the left is the SL-18 - the one that's been on tour with Doug Seeger and few others. Everybody who has tested it is really very impressed with the sound. It's a great construction, many thanks."

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barry (Administrator) 06-14-2015 at 11:35 PM.
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Adrian's modded P1800
"Herewith some photos of the finished amp. It’s a scratch-built P1800 marginally modified."

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