Double Six amplifiers
barry (Administrator) 06-14-2015 at 10:11 PM.
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Kevin's snakeskin Double Six head
"Here are a couple of images attached of the finished amp. Had a great time building the amp and have enjoyed playing it. Will keep an eye out for your mods as they come out."

Kevin has also uploaded some Double Six clips:

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barry (Administrator) 06-14-2015 at 11:33 PM.
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Adam's (dad's) amazing cabinetry
"A rather belated thank you for your kit and instructions. I'd done a bit of soldering when rewiring a guitar with a new pickup and then some mods on a Fender Blues Junior amp (which gave me the bug to have a go at building my own). Having your clear concise instructions was very helpful, especially the final checks and readings before playing through it.

"My dad is a carpenter and let me have some lovely yew which he turned into the head and cab for me and then I selected some edge pieces where the bark and white stripe came from to cover the front and back areas. I opted for oxblood grill cloth and an alnico blue driver to finish it off with a vintage tone and really chuffed with the sound.

"Very pleased with the result it sounds great with anything I put through it, especially my ES125 it really can tame that high output P90!"

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barry (Administrator) 06-15-2015 at 01:51 AM.
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Peter's Double Six modded for classical tones
Peter built a Double Six and modded the tone controls. "With the help of a friend I have made some small modifications on the Double Six and now I LOVE it. The modifications covered the tone stack and we have added two DPDT on-on switches to increase the low frequencies, pushing the spectrum towards low-mids or increased high-mids.

"The mid pot is now a push-pull pot. In the normal position it
connects the Boost switch with the ground through a trimmer pot to get two steps of boost.

"I plan to do the grille nicely in the near future, but still do not have an
idea, how. I am very staisfied with this amp. I have put a Fane 12' Alnico
speaker in the combo and it is also suberb."

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barry (Administrator) 06-15-2015 at 02:25 AM.
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Richards's brown Double Six mini-stack
"I had so much fun making the Double Six (finished article attached), I fancy
making a 5F1."

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barry (Administrator) 06-24-2015 at 11:38 PM.
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Simon's 2x10 Double Six

"Finally got my tweed cabinet for my Double Six from the USA. Connected through 10 inch ceramic and 10 inch Alnico gold. Sublime. Oh and the name badge - remember the Daimler 'Double-Six'?

"Thanks once again for such a rewarding and high quality product, as a result of these (and ongoing PP-18) I sold all my 'manufactured' amps and will be gigging my Amp Makers from now on. I could not get a better quality tone this side of £1,300+."

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barry (Administrator) 06-26-2015 at 02:01 AM.
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Gary's Double Six

"I've lived with it for a couple of months now and overall I love it. It got
its first gig last night - if you see the picture attached you'll see my
little setup. Remember I said I play in an 8 piece? Well, this was my
bit of the 'stage'. Huuuuge room, around 300 paying customers for a black tie ball."


" I had the brass section (1 trumpet, 1 sax and (on one song) a trombone
immediately to my left. Immediately to my right I had the drum kit. We
have a vocalist plus backing vocals, bass and keys. Using the Double Six in 12W mode through the 1x12 that was firing immediately at my bum, I could hear myself perfectly throughout. I mic'd it to the PA so our soundman did the rest but the important thing for me was
that did exactly what I wanted in this situation.

"So well done on a cracking little amp. I ran it on 8 with the ASAT Special telecaster (which has P90ish pickups on it) and ran it flat out on the Strat. It was ALMOST perfectly clean unless I dug in or pedalled it. For a lot of the set, I stomped on my home made Klon which lifted it a little. It added a bit of grit in there but was still clean enough as required. We did everything from 'Skyfall' by Adele Love Shack, Lady Marmalade, Robbie Williams etc. The Double 6 plus my pedalboard did the job perfectly.

"Jeff from Matamp made me the Double Six cabinet. It's fab - he made it while I waited Smile He was impressed by the layout, my wiring and soldering and he doesn't impress easily. Thanks again for a fab amp. I'm loving playing it and I loved building it."
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barry (Administrator) 06-26-2015 at 02:10 AM.
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Rob's Double Six combo

"The chassis is now installed in the new cabinet and paired with a 12-inch Greenback. I’ll post some pictures of the completed combo soon and some sound clips"

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barry (Administrator) 06-26-2015 at 02:47 AM.
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Gilbo's Double Six mini-stack

"I live on a boat in the Caribbean with limited space, and my dad (who has built your 5W) got me the Double Six kit my birthday. I had the wiring finished in a few nights in spite of my girlfriend complaining I was taking up the whole saloon table!


"Due to work I hadn't had time to build the cab until last week, but here it is all finished. The head is made from an old Peavey combo that died which I cut down to size. I've never been a fan of plain finishes so went with a black and gold paisley patterned material to complement the delightfully retro valve sound that this brilliant amp makes.

"The paisley came from a local haberdashery on the island, the woman didn't really understand what a guitar amp was, but helped anyway! Two eminence red coat 12-inch speakers are on the way to fill the cab, which is gonna live at my bass players house because I don't have the space."

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barry (Administrator) 06-26-2015 at 07:16 PM.
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Peter's flat-front combo

"Just thought I'd send over a picture of the finished Double Six I got off you a few months back. I really like this amp. It's so dynamic and the tone quality is outstanding!

"I will definitely be getting another when the revised kit is available. This one is not for me Sad"

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barry (Administrator) 06-26-2015 at 08:11 PM.
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Richard's stunning Double Six combo

"Thanks for your advice on Friday regarding grounding testing on my new Double Six build. I completed the Final Testing and all the meter readings were perfect. Plugged in, switched on, played. Absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much. It’s just the best.

"It is very difficult to get hold of small lengths of hardwood; but I realised that an old piece of wood that had been used for many years as a ramp for running the wheelbarrow up in the garden was in fact, under all the dirt, a beautiful piece of Mahogany. That was used for the sides and an off-cut of Red Pine windowsill completed the top and trim pieces.

"All were finished with a couple of coats of Danish Oil and polished off with Beeswax spray. I wanted my design to have very clean lines and managed to suspend the amp without the top bolts showing. The front cloth was bought from an upholstery fabric shop. The speaker is a 12-inch Greenback. Sounds just great."

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