WF-55 amplifiers
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Scroll through this thread for ideas and inspiration on housing and covering your WF-55.
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Mick's WF-55 blueser

"This cabinet is either retro or 'barking', depending on one's views. I've found that performances go better if you can make them worry a bit." Mick chose Ford Bermuda Blue for his superb and seamless MDF-built cabinet. It looks perfect with Mick's custom-colour Strat (perhaps it's no coincidence that Fender's vintage colours were also based on car paints of the time). The wood front panel is stained with Peruvian Mahogany and has three coats of acrylic lacquer.

"Leo (Fender) must have known something, because my cab has the same dimensions as an original, and it might just be the optimum for an 8-inch speaker. Very pleasing with a surprising amount of warmth and bass. I've made the internal baffle demountable so I can try different speakers."

[Postscript: I liked this cab so much that I traded it with Mick. Plan is to respray it Dakota Red to match my own Strat.]

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Peter's tweedy WF-55

For his WF-55, Peter slightly repositioned some of the components to make it easier to fit into his tweed finished combo. With the chassis suspended on the back panel, the original position of the power switch was inaccessible, so it was moved to the top and carefully mounted to avoid fouling the power transformer. "It sounds amazing and really lets rip with a booster or fuzz pedal in front!"

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barry (Administrator) 05-16-2011 at 08:32 PM.
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Sami Marttila's all-wood amp

The WF-55 Time save kit ships with a mahogany front panel, and Sami has followed the theme with an all-wood finish for his tiny cabinet. The tiny text label and markings around the knob are burned in (presumably with a soldering iron?). Looks cool, especially cool out in the Finnish snow!

You can also hear this amp in action on Sami's great YouTube clip:

"Guitar is Stratocaster and cab is DIY 1x12 with Celestion Classic 80 speaker."

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barry (Administrator) 05-16-2011 at 08:34 PM.
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Ian's modded WF-55 and stand idea

The Champ circuit is super-easy to mod, and taking advantage of the pre-drilled holes in the WF-55's front panel, Ian Chadwick added a 'Princeton' tone control and voicing switch.

"I recently had a re-union with a band I used to play in 5 years back and volume wise, the amp held up very well. It was up against drums, bass and another guitar and I never had the volume up as high as 50% and I was using the volume on the guitar to move from rhythm to solo. More important than the volume, the amp sounded tremendous."

Ian also sent in pix of his amp stand - making it easy to work within the chassis. It's a great idea and I'll be asking Chris to make me one ASAP.

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barry (Administrator) 05-16-2011 at 08:35 PM.
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Stanislav Zipaj's Basic WF-55 kit in a combo

Stanislav opted for the Basic version of the kit (no chassis or faceplate) to suit his choice of small Fender-style chassis. "I wanted to have my own custom handwired combo similar to Fender Champ. I used an alnico 10" Jensen speaker. Now, I'm satisfied. It has surprisingly warm, fat tone and it's light and portable. It sounds great with single coil or humbucker guitars and with all effects I tried."

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barry (Administrator) 05-16-2011 at 08:36 PM.
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Mike & Andy's WF-55 joint effort

Andy Mazur built this WF-55 amp, added a couple of his own tweaks and then Mike Wiltshire built the gorgeous plain-wood cabinet. "Still have to find a handle strong enough to carry the weight, and swap the back panel screws for bolts; otherwise all done. Speaker is a Weber 12inch Alnico Signature 12S."

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barry (Administrator) 05-16-2011 at 08:37 PM.
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Tony Hunt's 'handbag' amp!

Looking like something Army Surplus, here's a WF-55 built into a very unusual box. "Here is the finished build, I call it the handbag, not just because it looks like one, but also because 'her indoors' says it looks like I am never going to have enough of these things! Thanks for a great kit, I am really impressed by the thought and detail that you put into the layout of this."

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barry (Administrator) 05-16-2011 at 08:38 PM.
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Tim Robertson's Tweedy amp

Tim opted to house his WF-55 in a conventional tweed-covered combo cabinet. "I was crazy busy at work and ended up taking the lazy-man route - Barry from Torres Amplifiers made me a tweed cabinet. I sent him the amp and he returned me the finished product. Despite my guilty feeling of being lazy I am really happy with the result."

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barry (Administrator) 05-16-2011 at 08:39 PM.
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Giovanni Placidi's orange box

Giovanni must have something of an orange tolex fixation, having previously ordered an orange tolex cabinet for his PP-18. The WF-55 is an easy fit into a cabinet this size - Giovanni's amp used a donor amp's steel chassis. Room for future modifications? "There's not much space left, maybe something in the future. But right now it is so cool as it is!"

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