SL-18 amplifiers
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Scroll through this thread for ideas and inspiration on housing and covering your SL-18.
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Justin's low-rise SL-18 stack

"Just thought I'd send a picture of my finished amp. Well pleased I bought it. The 2x12 is for just ease of transport and to not look to big to the Mrs in my lounge. I used two greenbacks with two jack sockets so I can have 1x12 8-ohms or the 2x12 at 16-ohms."

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Andy Mazur's Maztone Brave

When Andy built his PP-36 amp, he called it the Maztone Chief, so it seems quite right that his SL-18 amp is called the Maztone Brave. This amp is housed in one of Chris' 1x12 combo cabinets, and Andy's opted for cream chickenhead knobs (soon to be available at Amp Maker).

"My next project build hopefully will be an SL-18 kit (with octal variations) into the 3x9 2x8 chassis."

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barry (Administrator) 05-17-2011 at 02:06 AM.
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Knut Berge's Marshallised SL-18

The SL-18 ships with chickenhead knobs as standard - cost effective and easy to read at a distance - but Knut's one of a number of customers who prefer Marshall-style knobs for that classic 'plexi look'.

"I finished the build on Wednesday evening, and what a great sound. It was my first build and it will not be the last, my next kit will most likely be the WF-55."

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barry (Administrator) 05-17-2011 at 02:07 AM.
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Jonas Broman's SL-18

The 'EighteenW' logo plate is a nice touch on Jonas' amps, and he's also opted for Marshall-style knobs. He's built both the PP-18 and SL-18. "The cabinet (inspired by the Marshall smallbox) was built by myself using MDF from the local shop and tolex etc mostly from Tube Amp Doctor. I also designed the logo (using the early '60s Marshall block logo as inspiration) and ordered it from (in Swedish, sorry). I am planning to make one more similar cabinet, but with black tolex."

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Chris Wynn's two-tone SuperLite

Here's a very distinctive "Blood and Custard" finish. Big Grin "Speaker is an Eminence 300watt that came in second hand for £25, trying to find a 15" 25watt speaker proved fruitless. It sounds huge - very different from a 12 or 10 but suits my slide and lap steel down to the ground. No cone break-up but I won't burn it out either and it's very efficient.

"A Gothic-script name plate with "Blood & Custard" on gold might well be fitted where the Selmer amps name was fitted; the speaker used is just one that was offered. The original Selmer Selector-tone Automatic had either a Jensen or Goodmans at that time; the phrase 'hens teeth' comes to mind here."

Chris kindly got a few of his students to record a few clips (see attachments, below).

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.mp3  Chris Wynn LAPSTEEL_2.mp3 (Size: 1.06 MB / Downloads: 1597)
.mp3  Chris Wynn LAPSTEEL_3.mp3 (Size: 989.84 KB / Downloads: 1362)
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barry (Administrator) 05-17-2011 at 02:37 AM.
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George Beavis' SL-18 head

George very kindly uploaded a great video clip of his SL-18 build to YouTube. It's especially useful as I haven't had a chance to record any SL-18 clips myself yet! Smile


"My band, Los Reyez, were recently asked to do a track for the record company Time to be Proud's annual Cramps tribute CD. I was going for a trashy, garage sound which I think the SL-18 did pretty well. It's a Danelectro mostly with some Les Paul for the 'solos'."

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barry (Administrator) 05-17-2011 at 02:46 AM.
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Craig's no-longer oscillating SL-18

Every now and then an amp build squeals. Craig's SL-18 was one such amp and after checking his photos it was clear why: what amp builders call 'lead dress.' In several areas, the wires were unnecessarily long, and allowed the preamp to pick up the signal from a later part of the power amp circuit.

"Thanks for the great information as usual. Unfortunately I got buried in work for a month - you know what that's like - but eventually I managed to take your advice and shorten the unnecessarily long wires and can tell you that it has improved things hugely. I can run everything flat out now when I'm playing something that needs it - brilliant!"

Very kindly, Craig suggested that I post the photo to show future SL-18 amp builders how not to do it.

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barry (Administrator) 06-12-2011 at 05:57 AM.
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Graham Worthington's red SL-18

"I received my SL-18 kit way back in the first week of November last year, and due to several delays, I only finally completed it yesterday evening!! I have to point out though, that this also including building a pine head and cab, tolexing them, and fitting a speaker etc!

"Anyway, the timescale is irrelevant because I have had such a fantastic time building my own amp! Your kit, components, paperwork and step-by-step guides were what made the whole process so wonderfully enjoyable, relatively simple and all-in-all a superbly satisfying experience."

Appreciate the kind words, Graham, and thanks for sending in the photos. Smile

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barry (Administrator) 06-12-2011 at 06:53 AM.
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Garry Fairway's 'Nora Batty' tribute amp!

Here's a much-modified SL-18. "The amp is familiarly referred to as the 'Norah Batty' for obvious reasons." (For viewers from outside the UK, Nora Batty was a TV character who was renowned for her wrinkled tights - a reference to the slightly wrinkly tolex on Garry's amp!!!)

"The white knobs are to help me find the Volume and Gain; the Triumph badge comes from my old Spitfire and the Stig sticker came from a birthday cake. The speaker is new; I fancied a greenback, but this one is slightly more bassier which I prefer. The fascia is made from an offcut from sign making material; the lettering is lettraset (remember that?). The mysterious white circles on the sides are simply cut outs for carrying purposes ( although could also be for cooling). Makes stairs easier! When I come accross some black piping I'll replace the white.

There are circuit modifications, too:
* "A set of guitar tone controls installed before the amp's input with a rotary selection switch of choice of a 500pf cap as inline filter (gives a thin sound), or a selection of conventional tone caps coupled with a Fender no-loss tone pot.
* "The warm section, which is a capacitor in parallel (with the 1uF cathode bypass capacitor on V1). I've put 3 different values of cap in via a rotary switch."

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