SL-18 amplifiers
barry (Administrator) 10-24-2011 at 10:57 PM.
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Allan Bruce's blonde mini-stack

Auckland-based Allan is yet another skilled cabinet maker. His cabs let the wood speak for itself, and the dovetail details are superb. He's opted for replacement knobs, using two different sizes to distinguish the tone controls. Looks great.

"The cabinet is loaded with 2 x 75 watt 10in Eminence Ramrod speakers. 10s to my mind produce a tighter sound than 12s. They have an SPL rating of over 100dB/W. The cabinets are made of American Ash. My locale is Auckland New Zealand.

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barry (Administrator) 10-24-2011 at 11:14 PM.
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Bruce Scott's SL-18

Another Kiwi build here: "Gidday Barry, I thought I'd like to let
you know how happy I am with my finished SL-18. I purchased the PP-18 with an additional SL-18 TMB conversion kit and I'm very happy with the
results. This was my first build and I learned a lot in the process. I
built the cab to my own specs using 17mm plywood covered in Marshall -style tolex. I made the logo from peel-and-stick brass letterbox numbers. It's a nice compliment to my home-built 2x12 cab with vintage
'70s alnico Rola Celestion speakers."

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barry (Administrator) 10-24-2011 at 11:46 PM.
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Simon Baker's rich ash combo

"It sounds incredible. Absolutely gorgeous. I've always thought my bridge pickup sounded a bit two dimensional (JB Humbucker), until I put it through this. I just want to play through now. The amp just sings. It truly is more than I expected from an amp, and very loud. I put in a VVR, which is located at the back in the 16-ohm speaker hole where only I can get to it.

"The speaker is a Celestion 8ohm G12H Anniversary model, and I have put a Tayden diffuser in front to spread the high frequencies. I've put a Fender handle on it and Fender corners along with a Marshall valve grille plate. The cabinet is made of ash off cuts from my work, with chunky dovetails holding it together. I used an oil based varnish called Osmo which has much less yellow to it than Danish oil and others, and gives the ash a bit more of a natural blonde 'glow.' It looks good on oak floors as well!"

I don't use Facebook myself, but Simon's kindly sent a link of his construction process that might be useful for other users of that site:

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barry (Administrator) 10-25-2011 at 12:41 AM.
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Rob Williams' SL-18 head

Rob's SL-18 started off as standard, but has been through a few revisions now, including a 2W/9W/18W switch and PPIMV conversion. Rob's also made a great slideshow/video at YouTube, with soundtrack provided by his build:

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barry (Administrator) 06-15-2015 at 01:32 AM.
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Garry's Gazelle SL-18
"Hope all is well. Am uploading pix of the facelift: new grille cloth and an accompanying bass cab. (Anyone who thought the Laney K50B solid state was a classic amp look away now!)

"I just cut the top off it after it caught fire! And recovered it in the new livery. I've finally come to terms with being called 'Gaz' hence the 'Gazelle' logo"

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barry (Administrator) 06-15-2015 at 04:44 AM.
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Stu Harper's ever-changing SL-18
"I finished this build must be nigh on 18-24 mths ago and it has been through a few revisons since. Started life as a stock PP-18, migrated into a SL-18 type build with a TMB stack, had a VVR in it for a while reducing the B+ voltages through the amp and toning it down to a more wife friendly level, but needed the VVR for another amp so added the 2,9,18 watt break before make switch on the very left of the front panel.

"The wooden case is New Zealand-native 80 year old heart rimu, all painstakingly dovetail jointed and finished in a wax rub. With the open front of the cab decided to backlight the tubes with gimicky LEDs running off the valve heater supply with a small resistor and cap to smooth out the flicker causing ripple in the supply.

"Amp is still going strong and must say this one gets more use than both of my two other larger amps. Great product Barry keep it up."

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barry (Administrator) 06-26-2015 at 02:22 AM.
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Kare's tweaked SL-18

"Just wanted to send a picture of the SL-18 with 12-inch Heritage Celestion Speaker cab, both from Chris Uff, so you can use it in your picture gallery.

"The amp has Your VVR and a fat switch (47uF), and sounds admirably. It's little brother, the SE-5a, has gotten a 0.68uF in V1a and a VVR plus a partial stack lift, and sounds better than ever. They have both got nameplates ordered from a Danish firm. Now we really are talking AC/DC to Van Halen."

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barry (Administrator) 06-11-2016 at 11:10 PM.
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David's SL-18
"The switch where the neon would normally be is a dummy switch. I installed it because the LEDs are doing the lamp's job anyway. I like the looks more and who knows what switchable mods I'm going to install in the future" Smile

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