Shipping for UK Highlands, Islands and Northern Ireland
barry (Administrator) 05-09-2011 at 07:13 PM.
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For UK customers, I use a combination of postal and courier services, depending on the order value, weight/size and destination). As you add items to your basket, the system calculates the order weight and uses this and your location to work out the shipping cost. Typically, I use:
* First Class mail for UK orders of under 4kg
* Second Class mail for UK orders of under 2kg
* UPS/etc for orders over 4kg

From January 2015, I have had to introduce a minimum postage charge for all UK orders. This is due to Royal Mail pricing by size as well as weight. A single potentiometer costs the same to post as a 5W transformer. For many small orders I was making a loss once postage was paid. There's no way of getting the shopping cart to calculate the size of the final package, so I've had to add the minimum postage charge. Bear this in mind when making small orders.

For customers who prefer not to receive packages via courier (perhaps due to difficulties of delivery and distance to local depot), I can send via other services, such as Royal Mail Standard Parcels. Please get in touch to find out more.

Highlands and Islands, Northern Ireland
Note that although Royal Mail treats the whole of the UK as a single area for postage costs, couriers do not. They charge more for shipping to more remote areas. Please make sure to select the correct 'Destination' when using the Checkout page so that the system provides an accurate shipping cost.

Shipping times
Orders ship within 2 working days of payment (or after clearance for cheques). I try to send out orders within 1 working day wherever possible. Orders sent by First Class mail, typically take 1-2 working days from date of posting. Orders sent by courier take take 2 working days for cities and major towns, 2-3 working days for the most remote areas.
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