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15W single ended output transformer

Flexible primary and secondary windings for octal power valves

This 15W output transformer is a natural step-up from OT01 (which is designed for a single EL84/6V6 and 5W of power): it's designed for use with larger and higher output octal power valves. It has a multi-tap primary as well as three secondary taps. This allows a very wide range of impedance matching - including single and parallel single ended into 4, 8 and 16 ohm speaker loads.
      It's made by the same British manufacturer as all Amp Maker transformers. It has clamp-type mounting and comes with push-fit insulation sleeves to make sure the high-voltage secondary solder lugs are touch-proof.

Dimensions & info

This output transformer is 78mm wide, 70mm deep and 65mm tall. Fixing centres for the U-clamp mounting feet are 96mm apart. The label shows the default impedances: 2.5k ohms or 3k ohms into 4, 8 or 16 ohms. So while this is aimed at single octal valves - such as an EL34 - it also allows two EL84s in parallel - using the 2.5k ohm taps.
NOTE: this transformer has been discontinued but we have a replacement that you can order now, even while the Amp Maker Web shop is shut. CLICK HERE to go to the manufacturer's web site.

A double set of primary taps makes the OT03 output transformer super flexible

Price: £35.00
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