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190-0-190V 5W power transformer

Dual 120V/240V primaries, 2A heater supply; ideal for preamps and amps up to 5W output

This power transformer is made in England by a traditional and long-standing transformer winding company. It's designed as a replacement or alternative for those popular amp circuits that specify the Hammond 269EX or 369EX power transformer. It has dual 120V/240V primary windings and two secondary windings. The high voltage winding is 190-0-190V rated at 80mA. In a typical circuit, this will produce a B+ of around 250V after smoothing.
      The heater supply secondary is a non-CT 6.3V rated at 2A. That makes it perfect for an amp using two 12AX7s and a single EL84 or 6V6, or a channel-switching preamp using as many as six 12AX7 valves.

Dimensions & info

It's 78mm wide, 62mm deep and 64mm tall, with standard solder lugs for all primary and secondary connections. It's supplied in a 'drop through' (also known as lay-down) style. This mounts through a rectangular cut-out in the chassis (such as that in the AC02 medium) and AC04 small chassis. The rectangular cut-out should be 54x49mm, and the four 4mm mounting bolts are on 64x51mm centres.

The lay-down design drops through a cut-out in your chassis, and places all solder lugs safely inside the chassis

Price: £30.00
inc VAT
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