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1M potentiometer with switch

UK-made pot with DPDT On/Off switching

This 16mm pot is compact and suitable for tight spaces, 1U rackmount cases and similar. This particular version has a rotary switch built in. It is only available in the 1M Log value. The switch is activated at the fully counter-clockwise rotation of the pot. Typically, this type of swich is used in combined Off/On+Volume controls - but often with just a SPST or DPST switching action.
      But this version is specially commissioned: it has a DPDT switching action. This makes it a lot more flexible for amplifier design. For example, you could use it to switch in an extra gain stage and control the amount of extra gain you want. Or you could use it to switch a tone stack in or out (using it for the Bass control, for example). Made by Omeg in the UK, and using conductive plastic instead of carbon for longer life. The round shaft is 6mm diameter and is pre-cut to suit direct mounting of control knobs. The pots use a 9.5mm mounting hole. All of these pots have solder lugs.

Price: £8.00
inc VAT
Product is now discontinued.