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275-0-275V 36W power transformer

275-0-275V at 200mA + 6.3V at 6A + 5V at 3A; ideal for 30-36W amplifier builds

This power transformer was specified for the PP-36 amp kit, but would suit other amplifiers requiring 340V or so on the power valve plates. With a 275-0-275V 200mA high voltage winding, it's suitable for many popular EL84-based amp builds: Vox AC-30, Matchless DC-30, Trainwreck Liverpool, etc.
      Like the other Amp Maker transformers, it's made by a long-standing independent British transformer manufacturer. It's based on one of his old construction patterns for a Vox AC-30 power transformer. There's a 5V rectifier winding for GZ34/etc and plenty of heater current (6A) to supply sophisticated multi-valve preamp circuits.
      It's in a shrouded stand-up style, with 'bell covers' on both sides and has flying leads for all connections.

Dimensions & info

This is a substantial transformer: 98mm tall, 116mm deep and 80mm wide. The fixing centres on the bottom of the bell covers are 70x64mm. It weighs approx 2.8kg. All connections are by wire (approx 150mm long) which come through a grommets on the bell covers. It includes a separate screen and also has dual 110-120V/220-240V primaries. Click here for a wiring diagram for this transformer.

The 36W power transformer is a beefy item, and requires a steel chassis, such as the AC11 pre-punched steel chassis, below

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