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9-pin valve socket

Chassis-mount valve socket, ceramic body, silver metal mounting ring

Not a lot to say about these sockets: ceramic body and chassis-mounting ring with solder lugs. These are two part socket, and you can use the mounting ring on the top or underside of the chassis to hold the socket in place.

Dimensions & info

The 9-pin socket requires a 22.5mm (0.875 inch) hole for the ceramic part, and the fixing holes in the mounting ring are 29mm (1.125 inch) apart. You can use M3 hardware to fix the mounting ring to the chassis. However, a few customers have reported that it's easier to use M2.5 hardware because some M3 screws have large heads which don't sit flat on the curve of the mounting ring and send the screw's shaft out of 90-degrees). I use 2.5mm hardware with all of my kits.
      For reference, the annotated photo on the right show how the pins of this socket are numbered.

The clip is used to mount the socket to the chassis
Pins on the valve socket are numbered clockwise (when viewed from underneath) from the gap

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