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Blank chassis (medium)

Medium-sized chassis punched only with rectangular mains and cage-nut mounting holes

This chassis blank is made from 1/16in (1.6mm) aluminium, cut and folded to create a chassis that's suitable for both head and combo amps. It mounts like a vintage Marshall chassis, via four M6 cage nuts on the flanges, but the front and rear sides of the chassis run full-width. This makes it suitable for both vintage JMP-style amps, and modern-style amps, where the opening in the cabinet is as wide as possible so as to provide room for more controls, inputs and outputs (e.g. Soldano, Marshall JCM style).
      The front and top of the chassis are left unpunched, but to make things easy for the amp maker, the harder-to-do square and rectangular holes are pre-punched. The rear panel has two rectangular holes for IEC mains power inlets - one at each end of the chassis. This allows maximum versatility for siting power transformers. You can choose a layout with power switches on the left and inputs on the right (vintage Marshall style), or vice versa. (In both cases, the unused IEC inlet will be covered by your rear panel.)
      The flanges are also pre-punched with the square holes for cage nuts (see below). The outward-folded flanges ensure that the M6 mounting screws (see below) do not enter into the amplifier chassis - for safety - and allows unimpeded access to the internal components.

Dimensions & info

The chassis is 483mm wide, 170mm deep, and 65mm tall. The internal dimensions are 440x167x63mm - about the same as a 50W JMP Marshall chassis, and plenty enough to accommodate typical medium-output valve amp designs. Made in the UK.

Pricing and versions

You can buy the chassis on its own, or with several packs of hardware (including the cage nuts and M6 mounting screws for the chassis). For details, see the Hardware Packs on this page. Make your choices in the ordering section below.

This chassis is wide enought for a JTM-style faceplate
It's pre-punched with IEC-socket-size holes on the back panel
There are also pre-punched holes for adding cage nuts for mounting (see Options)
There's a range of hardware pack options to save you time and money

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With 8-item Hardware Pack 1 (+£0.50)
With 63-item Hardware Pack 2 (+£2.00)
With 142-item Hardware Pack 3 (+£4.00)
Price: £20.00
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