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Box of Matches 30W

30W impedance-matching tansformer for valve amplifiers

The Box of Matches is a very simple problem solver - matching a valve amplifier to a speaker cabinet with a different impedance. Once built, it sits between your amplifier's speaker out socket and the socket on the speaker cabinet. That's it! The Box of Matches' transformer will do the voltage/impedance conversion necessary to match the speaker cabinet to the amplifier.
      In addition to the matching function, it also provides a variable Line out. You can use this to slave (drive) another amplifier, or to connect to a computer/etc for recording. The Line out has a ground lift switch to minimise ground loop hum.

Easy to build

The Box of Matches is a VERY quick build. On the 1-5 complexity scale that I use for amp kits, for example, it would rate a 0.25! :) To see just how easy it is, you can read through the online construction manual which takes you step-by-step through the whole process.

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The Box of Matches solves an ages-old problem for guitarists and studios
BM30 specifications
+ 30W power handling
+ 4/8/16-ohm matching
+ (2/4/8-ohm possible)
+ Variable line output
+ Ground lift
+ 100% passive

Price: £55.00
inc VAT
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