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Chrome knurled knob

An alternative to the standard chickenhead pointer, with set-screw fixing

Styled rather like the Telecaster-style chrome knobs, these knobs look great on the silver-coloured brushed aluminium control panel. In truth, they are harder to read at-a-glance than the chickenhead knobs, but a lot of amp builders like them.
      The knurled barrel makes them easy to turn for the most sweaty-handed guitarist. And there's a small indicator mark on the front edge to show the knob's position.

Dimensions & info

The knob is 19.5mm tall, and on the underside, there's a recess to cover the pot's mounting nut. The overall diameter is 19mm. Fixed on to the pot's shaft by allen key.

These knobs are a great match for the silver anodised control panels

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