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20x5mm fuses to suit Amp Maker fuseholders and projects

For the integrated IEC and fuseholder socket and the separate fuseholder, you need to use 20x5mm fuses. This selection covers the most typical types and values for guitar amp projects.

Dimensions & info

All fuses are 20x5mm. They may be glass or ceramic, depending on whatever the supplier has in stock (it doesn't make any significant difference, of course.)
      I stock slow-blow types for typical mains-side use and fast-blow types which some amp builders like to use to protect other parts of the circuit.

Choose the right type and rating of fuse for your project!

Choose your fuse value here...
100mA slow-blow
250mA slow-blow
500mA slow-blow
1A slow-blow
2A slow-blow
3.2A slow-blow
1A fast
2A fast
4A fast
6.3A fast
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