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Chassis-mounting fuseholder, compact and low-cost

This is a black plastic fuseholder. It takes standard 20x5mm fuses. It fits in a hole in the chassis, using a single plastic hex nut at the rear to hold it in place. Solder lugs on the inside.

Dimensions & info

The fuseholder requires a 12.5mm diameter hole in the control panel and chassis. For safety, the hole must be a D-profile for anti-rotation. So when making the hole, one side of the hole in the chassis should be straight (flattened to 11.5mm), to match the flat on the side of the fuseholder. (TIP: if you're making the hole by hand, start with an 11.5mm round hole and use a half-round metal file to create the shape. It is fiddly but if your chassis is aluminium, it shouldn't take too long.)

Price: £0.70
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