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General purpose potentiometers

Alpha single pots in common values for valve amplifier builds

These are popular pots in popular values, made by Alpha. The pots' body is 24mm in diameter, the shaft (for fitting the control knob) is 6mm and the pots use a 9.5mm mounting hole. All have a long nylon shaft that you cut down to size (see photo, right). All of these pots have solder lugs (not PCB pins).

If you don't need the anti-rotation lug (A) just bend it out of the way. Trim the shaft (B) to length with a junior hacksaw or Dremel-type tool

Choose your resistance value...
1k Lin pot
4k7 Lin pot
10k Lin pot
22k Lin pot
47k Lin pot
100k Lin pot
220k Lin pot
470k Lin pot
1M Lin pot
2.2M Lin pot
10K Log pot
47K Log pot
100K Log pot
470K Log pot
1M Log pot
2.2M Log pot
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