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Gold plexi panel TMB

Front plexi panel, pre-punched for the most popular control set

This control panels is made of material very similar in appearance to the gold plastic used in the 1960s plexi era. This particular control layout is a general type, designed to work for many single-channel master volume amp designs. From right to left, on the front panel, the controls are: Input; Gain; Treble; Middle; Bass; Master; Standby; Indicator; On/Off. There is a matching rear panel available.

Dimensions & info

The panel is 483mm wide, 63mm tall and approx 1.5mm thick, sized to fit the plain medium chassis, punched 5x9 chassis and punched steel chassis. The front panel also fits the punched 2x8 and 3x9 chassis.
      The control spacing is 40mm centre to centre - i.e. a total of 280mm from the On/Off switch to the Input on the front panel. The hole for the indicator neon is equidistant (20mm) from the two switches. The holes are pre-punched to suit the mounting shafts of typical controls. Note: the centre line for the holes is slightly offset downwards (28mm from the bottom edge), so that the controls are that little bit easier to see when you're standing over your amplifier.

The control panels run full-width of the medium sized Amp Maker chassis
This panel has the typical single channel control set

Price: £19.00
inc VAT
Product is now discontinued.