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Hardware Pack 2

Nuts, washers, screws - the essential stuff that holds your amp together

To save time (mine, when packing) and money (yours, when buying), I've decided to bundle the hardware into packs that contain everything you need. This version suits small and simple amps (perhaps two valves). If you want to order individual hardware parts, they are still available (see here), but loose hardware is priced to encourage buying the hardware packs.
      The parts in this pack cover screws, shakeproof washers, nuts, etc for assembling your amp. They are sized and specced for their typical tasks:
* M2.5 and M3 for valve sockets and board mounting (some people find that the valve sockets mount more easily with M2.5 screws than M3)
* M3 for turret board mounting
* M3 with countersunk (CS) screws for IEC socket mounting
* M3 spacers for board mounting.
* M4 for transformers and solder lugs
* Rubber grommets for thru-chassis wiring

Hardware Pack 2

This hardware pack comes in a 63-item set for amp building. Each pack contains:
* 4x M2.5 screws
* 4x M2.5 nuts
* 8x M3 screws
* 10x M3 nuts
* 14x M3 shakeproof washers
* 4x M3 M-F spacers
* 2x M3 CS screws
* 4x M4 screws
* 4x M4 nuts
* 4x M4 shakeproof washers
* 3x M4 solder lugs
* 2x 6.35mm rubber grommets

The hardware packs save your money and my time!

Price: £3.00
inc VAT
NOTE: Amp Maker is closed for a whole year, reopening in Autumn 2019. See Home page for details.