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Loose hardware items

Individual nuts, washers, screws, etc - the hardware that holds your amp together

First: I strongly encourage you to look at the ready-made hardware packs as they may help you save money (not to mention my time!), but if you want to choose individual items of hardware, this is the right page.
      The parts available cover M2.5-M6 screws, shakeproof washers, nuts, etc for assembling your amp. They are sized and specced for their typical tasks:
* M2.5 and M3 for valve sockets and board mounting (some people find that the valve sockets mount more easily with M2.5 screws than M3)
* M3 for turret board mounting
* M3 with countersunk (CS) screws for IEC socket mounting
* M3 spacers for board mounting (several varieties shown in the photos).
* M4 for transformers and solder lugs
* M6 screws (30mm long) and cage nuts for chassis mounting
* Rubber grommets for thru-chassis wiring

Priced individually!

The following items are all priced at 5p each:
* M2.5 screw, nut, shakeproof washer
* M3 screw, nut, shakeproof washer
* M3 countersink head screw
* M3 F+F hex spacer
* M3.5 screw, nut, washer
* M4 screw, nut, shakeproof washer
* M4 solder lug
* 6.35mm rubber grommet
* 9.5mm rubber grommet

The following items are all priced at 10p each:
* M6 screw
* M6 cage nut

The final items are priced at 20p each:
* M3 M+F hex spacer

The M+F spacer has one male end, one female end and a 10mm-long hex body
The F+F hex spacer has two female ends and a 10mm long hex body

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