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NoSo One no-soldering amp kit

An affordable amplifier that's fun, raunchy and very easy to build

At last! A great little guitar amplifier that anyone can build; NoSo - no soldering or test tools needed. Whereas most Amp Maker projects use valves and high-voltages, this one uses an amp-on-a-chip and battery power to make amp building fun and affordable and accessible for everyone. It's a great way to get started in electronics and is safe for all ages.
      Despite the super-low price and simple construction, the NoSo One is a surprisingly raunchy and effective little amp. Connect it to a decent speaker and you'll be amazed at the crunchy guitar tones you can get out of it.

No soldering?

I wanted to make an amplifier that anyone could build, safely and without any special skills or equipment. And it had to sound good, too. The thing that makes NoSo possible is the breadboard - a neat block with rows of pre-drilled holes. Each row of holes is connected internally and you can just plug in wires and components to build a circuit.
      It's a great way to experiment, making it fast and simple to make a circuit. Professional electronics engineers use breadboards for prototyping. For us amp buiilders it lets us put together a cost-effective circuit in a compact space.

Easy to build

The NoSo One is a VERY quick build. On the 1-5 complexity scale that I use for amp kits, for example, it would rate as 0.1! :) This is because connections on the solderless breadboard are instant and it also comes with pre-soldered sockets/etc. This means you need nothing more than wire clippers and some needle-nose pliers to build the amp. Mistakes are easily rectified and because there's no mains supply or high voltages, it's safe to work on at all times.
      To see just how easy it is to build, you can read through the online construction manual which takes you step-by-step through the whole process.

The NoSo One Plus has a speaker socket to drive a speaker cabinet. Here making a great racket through a trusty-and-dusty 1970s Marshall 2x12!

Pricing and versions

The NoSo One comes in two versions. The basic version is just that - a no-frills guitar amplifier, with an input for your guitar and a small speaker to create the classic "Smokey Tone" sound. The Plus version comes with a whole bunch of extras for tone tweaking. See the NoSo One introduction for details. Most importantly, the big difference is that it comes with a bigger, more efficient and much better sounding speaker.
NOTE: The NoSo One is temporarily out of stock while I take more time for research on new products. I don't have an email notification system, so please keep an eye on this page for details of when this amp kit will be back on sale.

InfoCentre & links:

Components just plug into the breadboard - no soldering required
Build the NoSo Basic amp in an hour or so
Build it into a tiny desktop amp. This is the Basic kit built into a cardboard box, covered in tweedy paper from a colour laser printer

NoSo One Basic specifications
+ 0.3W power output
+ 66mm speaker included
+ battery powered
+ gain boost option
+ no soldering required!

NoSo One Plus specifications
+ 0.7W power output
+ 137mm speaker included
+ battery powered
+ distortion control
+ bass cut/boost switch
+ output socket for external cabinet
+ no soldering required!
+ Tone tweaking kit included

The 3.5mm add-on lets you connect a smartphone or MP3 player for music playback

Choose your version...
NoSo One Basic
NoSo One Plus(+£12.00)
Choose your add-ons
3.5mm input and cable(+£2.50)
Aluminium mounting bracket(+£3.50)
Price: £11.99
inc VAT
Product is temporarily out of stock.