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PP-36 18-36W plexi amplifier

Classic 18W tone but with up to 36W for gigging

For those guitarists who love the 18W amp's tone and response, but need extra power for gigging, the PP-36 is the ideal solution. It uses the same circuit as the PP-18 and adds two extra EL84 power valves and a GZ34 rectifier valve to provide up to 36W of output. Like the original 18W/Dominator circuit, it has basic but responsive Volume and Tone controls.

Same tone, more options

The PP-36 uses the same quality components as the PP-18, together with considerably larger transformers to handle the extra power. But it also adds an 18-36W control that allows you to progressively dial out one pair of EL84 output valves. So at one extreme you have an 18W amp, at the other extreme you have a 36W amp.
      It would have been possible (and cheaper) to do this with a simple two-position switch, but by using a pot you can get some interesting 'in-between' tones. For example, at about 9-o'clock on the 18-36W dial, you have one pair of EL84s being fully driven for maximum overdrive, as well as another pair of EL84s being driven much more lightly, and mixing in a cleaner tone. It's a subtle effect, but it's useful if you like to fully exploit amp dynamics.

It's a big amp!

Normally, at this point, I explain how easy the Amp Maker kit is to build. Not so with this amp; on a complexity scale of 1-5, it rates as a '3.5' (where the PP-18 is a '2', for example). For this reason, I do NOT recommend the PP-36 as a first amp build. I strongly suggest that buyers have at least one or two other amp builds under their belt. Compared to the PP-18, there are 3 extra valves (including the GZ34), and many more wires. All this combines to make good grounding and leads dress essential to get an amplifier free of noise. You have been warned! :)
      With this in mind, the documentation for this Amp Maker kit is quite different to the step-by-step guide that you can see for the PP-18 amp (see PP-18 build guide). With the PP-36 you get A4-size and full-colour print outs for the schematic and detailed layout diagram (see right).

Pricing and versions

The PP-36 is available in two versions: full and without valves:
Full PP-36 kit includes transformers, 7 JJ valves, all electronic components, wire for connections, hardware for assembly, pre-punched steel chassis, front and rear gold 'plexi' control panels (Note: the photo on the right shows a PP-36 built into a cabinet - not included, but available from the Cabs by Chris page)
PP-36 without valves as above, but at a considerable saving if you already have valves (2x ECC83, 4x EL84 and a GZ34)


Please note that I am revising the PP-36 guitar amp kit. I had intended that the new version was available by now (Oct 2015), but I am still not happy with it. It needs more R&D, and that means I have to find the time to do it. It's unlikely to be available until Spring 2016. Apologies to those keen to buy during this time. As I work on the changes, I will add more details to the PP-36's InfoCentre page.

The PP-36 adds three valves to the classic 18W recipe for extra flexibility and power
The 18-36W control allows you to dial one pair of output valves out of circuit
The PP-36 ships with smart vintage-style cosmetics: black bat switches, gold plexi panels and M-style knobs
No step-by-step guide: you will get full-colour A4 print outs of the layout guide and schematic

PP-36 specifications
+ All-valve signal path
+ 36W output
+ Push-pull cathode-biased design
+ 2x ECC83, 4x EL84, 1x GZ34 valves
+ Two hand-wired turret boards
+ Volume, Tone and 18-36W controls
+ 8 and 16 ohm speaker outputs
+ 120V (US) or 240V (Europe)

PP-36 sound clips (MP3 format)

...clips to come...

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With valves
Without valves
Price: £375.00
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