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PTFE board 257x67mm

Modern, high-performance turret board material that's super-easy to drill and cut

For me, one of the frustrations of using phenolic board material is that it's just TOO darned hard to cut to size for yourself. And that makes it very difficult for customers to trim it to size to suit their own projects. Worse still, it's hard to drill, and drill bits wear out prematurely. But with this PTFE (same material as Teflon) board material, the exact opposite is true: customers can cut it without special tools and drilling it for turrets is very easy.
      PTFE also has far superior electrical properties over phenolic. In all, I far prefer to use PTFE than phenolic in my own amps. There's one minor downside - it's not a laminate, so it's not as stiff as phenolic. The solution is simply to add an extra mount or two I recommend adding a mounting point every 150-200mm along the board length.
      Cutting it is easy - you can use a power tool, or even a box-cutter (Stanley) knife. Just score it at the point you want to break the material, turn it over and bend it back - it will snap along the line, leaving a clean edge. No nasty edges, no fibres and no waste.

Dimensions & info

The PTFE board is 3mm thick (suitable for the large turrets and screwmount turrets) and is supplied in a board that's 257x67mm - the same size as the original Marshall 18W board, and big enough for many popular 1W-20W amp projects.

This turret board is PTFE - a high performance material that's a lot easier to use than vintage-style phenolic plastic
Here's a board made with PTFE - for the Amp Maker WF-55 Tweed Champ-style amp

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