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Power transformers for valve amps
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240V/6.3V toroid power transformer
Dual 120V/240V primaries; ideal for preamps and very low output power amps
Price: £25.00
inc VAT

190-0-190V 5W power transformer
Dual 120V/240V primaries, 2A heater supply; ideal for preamps and amps up to 5W output
Price: £30.00
inc VAT

0-190-275V/6.3V toroid power transformer
Flexible primaries for UK, Europe, North America; switchable HV winding for variable B+
Price: £35.00
inc VAT

0-190-275V 20W power transformer
Choice of output voltages, 160mA, 3A for heaters; create an amp with switchable B+
Price: £36.00
inc VAT

275-0-275V 36W power transformer
275-0-275V at 200mA + 6.3V at 6A + 5V at 3A; ideal for 30-36W amplifier builds
Price: £80.00
inc VAT
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