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Punched chassis (1x8 and 7x9)

Medium-sized chassis, punched for 36W transformers, 1x 8-pin and 7x 9-pin valve sockets

This chassis is similar to the other medium-sized pre-punched chassis, but it's punched with holes to suit Amp Maker's 36W transformers (PT04 and OT04). To support these heavier transformers, it's made from 1/16in (1.6mm) steel, punched and folded, and plated with a passivated (anti-corrosion) finish.
      The front and rear sides of the chassis run full-width. The rear panel has holes punched for an IEC-socket, fuse holder and two speaker outputs. The front panel has holes punched for a range of toggle switches, indicator lamp, pots and jacks sockets. The holes in the front and back match the TMB plexi, 18W Lite plexi and CP11 aluminium panels.
      The top surface is punched with all of the mounting and cable access holes needed for the 36W power and output transformers, plus holes for an octal rectifier valve socket and seven 9-pin sockets (see ceramic sockets and snap-fit blanking covers). There are also two sets of four M3 mounting holes for fitting preamp and power amp turret boards.

Dimensions & info

The chassis is 483mm wide, 170mm deep, and 65mm tall. The internal dimensions are 440x167x63mm - about the same as a 50W JMP Marshall chassis, and plenty enough to accommodate typical amp designs up to 60W.
      It's suitable for both head and combo amps and mounts like a vintage Marshall chassis. You can choose to buy the chassis as-is, or with hardware packs covering the M6 mounting hardware and many other items for mounting valves, boards and other hardware to the chassis. Made in the UK.

The AC11 chassis is designed for the 36W transformer set and so it includes a socket ready for a GZ34 rectifier valve as well as seven 9-pin valve sockets

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