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Screwmount turrets

Turrets that you can fit, use, desolder, refit and reuse

Fed up with having to throw away s when I've finished with my prototype turret boards, I decided to do something about it. I specified a turret that you can use time and time again, and then I found a British company that would make it for me. These turrets have a screw thread on the underside. So - instead of using a swaging tool to permanently fix turrets to the board - you simply use regular M2.5 hardware to mount the turret. They have the exact same top-side dimensions as the large turret that I've been using and selling since 2005.
      There are lots of benefits:
* Super quick; it takes minutes to make up a turret board
* No special tools are required
* Change your mind? Well, you can just undo the turret and move it
* It works with any size board up to 3.2mm
* You can even mount turrets directly to your chassis (as a grounding point, obviously!)

      Well, that's the official way of using these turrets. But I've also discovered that if you use a 2.3mm drill bit, these turrets will self-tap directly into PTFE material - no need for fixing hardware on the underside. See the 2.3mm drill bit page for more info.
      There's one small downside to these turrets: they are heavier than the hollow type and that means that they require more heat for solder to flow. If you under-heat the screwmount turret, solder may not adhere to the turret surface. So make sure you use a good soldering iron and make sure you allow it to heat up fully. The other (completely unofficial) technique is to use leaded solder (instead of modern lead-free); the melting point is lower and these turrets solder much more easily.

Dimensions & info

The turrets are made from brass by a long-time British engineering company. They are then electro-tin plated. Use a 5mm nut spinner/driver/socket/spanner on the top and bottom side to fix them in place. There's also a board pre-perforated with holes to make building a board super quick. The turret's threaded end is designed to work with boards up to 0.125in (3.2mm) thickness. The hollow shaft's internal diameter is 2mm. To create a suitable hole for these turrets, use a 2.5mm drill bit (also available, see turret tools page.
      Note that the price shown is per-turret (and there's a lower price when you buy 100 or more.

Screwmounting instead of swage mounting makes this turret reusable
Use standard M2.5 hardware to fix the turret to your board - any thickness up to 3.2mm
Choose the pre-perforated turret board material and you can build a complete turret board in minutes
UNOFFICIAL: Use a 2.3mm drill bit and you can self-tap these turrets into PTFE board material

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