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VVR kit for cathode-biased amplifiers

VVR kit for variable power control of cathode-biased amps

VVR is a method for controlling the power supply voltages within a valve amplifier. By controlling this voltage, you can control the amplifier's power output. VVR provides a continuously controllable voltage, and you can rotate a knob to get as much or as little power output as you like. The eason why this is a popular upgrade for valve amplifiers is that you can get the amplifier's natural power valve distortion at much lower room volumes.
      VVR was designed and refined by Dana and Richie Hall of Hall Amplification. This version is for cathode biased amps. It's been successfully fitted to many amplifiers, from Champs, Deluxes, 18Wers, etc. It's also suitable for most Amp Maker kits.
      Amp Maker's own version of VVR is VCB, see here: VCB.

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A handful of components allows you to control the voltages inside your amplifier, and this gives you control of its power output

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