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Wooden panels

Blank and pre-punched panels to use with small chassis

This selection of panels is made from mahogany (dark) or bass wood (blonde). I use the 3-hole mahogany version in the WF-55 amplifier. All versions are sized and punched to match the size and holes on the small chassis. You can use any typical wood finish for these - e.g. Danish oil, etc.

Dimensions & info

Each panel is 253mm wide, 50mm tall and 1.6mm thick. There are versions with 0, 3, 4 and 7 holes, each being 10mm in diameter. The control spacing is 30mm centre to centre - i.e. a total of 180mm between the two outer holes.
      There are two special versions in blonde wood with laser-etched text labels: Input - Volume - Tone - On. These are ideal for Tweed Princeton and similar style amplifiers. The second version is drilled identically, but the control labels are in the other order (On - Tone - Volume - Input). This is for those amp builders who want to hang the chassis from the bottom of the cabinet. Make sure you order the right one, or your labels will be upside-down when it's mounted!

These wodden control panels are available in mahogany (above) and blonde wood (below). The blonde 4-hole type has laser-printed text labels

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