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WF-55 Chassis wiring - part 2

Mount the turret board in the chassis. Use the remaining M3 shakeproof washers and nuts. Be sure to mount it the right way round - with the ground bus towards the centre of the chassis, and the diodes towards the back of the chassis.
      Now you can start making the connections shown in the diagram above. Carefully trim each of the 11 wires to length. As always, check twice and cut once!
      Start with the four wires to the preamp valve, V1, and then connect the three wires to the power valve, V2. At this point, the two valve sockets will look like the photo on the right. Check that each connection is present before continuing.

Solder the seven board-to-valve wires after double-checking that you're making the right connection

Input jack socket wiring

The input jack socket has three contacts, which allows it to short the V1 input to ground when there's no guitar plugged in (lowering noise). Start by fitting R1, the 1M resistor on the socket itself (you may find it easier to do the first bit of wiring with the socket out of the chassis). Note that you bend the legs of the resistor to contact all three solder lugs, but the body of the resistor must be between lugs 1 and 2 (right). Solder the resistor into place at lug 2, but don't solder the other lugs for the moment.
      Now trim a piece of black wire so that it's long enough to run from lug 3 of this jack socket to lug 3 of VR1, the Volume control. With this wire in place, you can solder lug 3 of the jack socket.
      Finally, use your last resistor, R2, to connect directly from lug 1 of the input jack socket to pin 2 of the preamp valve, V1. Solder it in place at both the valve socket and the jack socket. Now, all lugs on the jack socket are connected and soldered (second photo, right).

The 1M resistor contacts all three of the solder lugs on the input socket

The final resistor connects lug 1 of the input socket to the input of the first preamp stage

Wiring the Volume control

The Volume pot has four connections:
* the black wire you've just added to the input jack socket - this one connects to solder lug 3 of the pot, but don't solder it yet.
* the black wire that comes from the board (the turret that connects to the negative terminal of C4). This also connects to lug 3 of the pot. Now you can solder the two black wires to this lug.
* the blue wire that comes from the board (the turret at the currently unconnected end of C1). Trim, connect and solder this wire to lug 1 of the pot.
* the final connection is a new blue wire. Solder one end to lug 2 of the pot and run the other over to pin 7 of the preamp valve (V1).
      With this wiring done, the volume pot will look like the photo on the right.

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