Andrew’s reborn Behringer combo

“Barry, here’s my finished amp, I’ve already used it at an open mic and in church, it really cuts through the band! How loud is 4 watts supposed to be? Maybe I’m using a very efficient speaker but I haven¬ít turned it up loud enough to hear any overdrive yet!

“It’s in a Behringer cab with a Jensen speaker. I added the tone control and a stand by switch. Also I tried disconnecting the negative feedback but didn’t want to commit myself by drilling a hole in the front panel so wired the switch by extending the wire to the output transformer and mounting it in the infill panel next to the input socket and have discovered the more scooped sound is ideal for acoustic guitar.”It’s my main amp now, thanks for this well designed kit! I’ve attached a photo with my “Square-vation” guitar – built from a guitar I found in a skip and a mahogany box.”