Customer Amp Gallery

Tibo’s retro-woody N5X stack

“I shared with you some pictures of the WF-55 I built last year. Great amp! I then built a N5X, made a custom head and a 2×10 cabinet. Good fun! Anyway, building these kits was a good fun for me thanks to your great explanations!”

Tibo generates a new amp

“Just a few photos of my final build with the WF-55 kit. I used an old generator and built a custom oak cabinet with a 8″ Weber. I’m really happy sound wise (power selector at the back, tone and switch for neg FB in front) and the look is kind of unique. Thanks again for …

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Lukasz’ pine-table Champ

“It took me a while to build the amp. Especially the woodwork, I was only able to do it on Fridays when I’m off work, and in the garden, so I was dependent also on weather. I have made the cabinet out of an old pine table I had, finished it with some shellac. For …

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Mike’s flaming P1800

  “Since you liked the Double Six cab, I thought I’d send the pics of the 18 watter as well.”

John’s miniature hybrid

“I thought you might be interested in this. I used the transformers I recently purchased from you for this build. It is a Fender Princeton/Deluxe Reverb hybrid, no tremolo, built using 4 sub miniature dual triodes valves in the preamp with 2 x 6AQ5 miniature output valves cathode biased which should put out about 10 …

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Pete’s string-box thing!

The NoSo amp fits into more or less anything. “Every thing mounted on the front for easy access. Just needed to add a battery holder.”

Ivan’s documented build

“I’ve finished the WF-55 combo today. It sound great. It has a bit more noise than my PP-18 but I think it is normal with this tweed type amp. Maybe the placement of the output transformer is not optimal but it works fine. I used a bit bigger chassis than the usual so the wire …

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Terry’s angled N5X combo

“Well I finally finished the N5X amp I bought off you a year ago. It foundered unfinished for a good while ’til I finally got down to it at Christmas. After a thorough checkover in line with your instructions and actually of all the connections from components to the boards, which revealed 3 dry joints, …

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Luis pine and Thiele stack

“Just to show you my finished set up. The speaker cabinet is a front ported, closed back (a sort of copy/clone/replica of the 1×12’’ Mesa Boogie Thiele) that I made about a year ago, and used an Eminence wizard speaker (16 ohm, 75W) that I got from a colleague of mine. I was then looking …

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Frazer’s breadbox WF-55

“Here’s a few shots of my little 55. I used an old bread box, modified it a bit size-wise etc, and I’m using a 1×12 cab with a HiWatt speaker. I use a little distortion/overdrive Boss pedal too. This was my first venture into anything like it, so the ease of build holds up. I’m absolutely …

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Michael’s mahogany D6

“Amp is great. I finished building a Head shell for it, finger jointed pine with figured mahogany panels front and back.”

Robert’s P1800 amp head

“I bought a P1800 kit from you a while back and finally completed it. The amp sounds great. I made the cabinet myself and it sits on a Hiwatt 412 speaker cab circa 1974. That has seen better days but still sounds great.”

Giorgio’s classic combo

“I forgot to send you the photos of the N5X complete, see attached file. By the way nice cabinets from Chris!”

Colin’s N5X head

“Here’s the N5X – Buzz is almost undetectable at full VCB, full gain and full volume with the bypass switch open, and it sounds fantastic. Problem now is that I am not sure if I prefer the SE5, N5X or Double Six.”