Customer Amp Gallery

Steve’s blackface-modded D6

  “With two 6L6s, it has an amazing breakup on full power over half volume and with the Les Paul sounds fantastic !! It takes all of my homemade pedals with ease and sounds like a screaming Marshall stack with the Wampler Tripple Wreck clone that I built recently, simply stunning !! It’s THE most …

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Chris’ mod Champ combo

“Attached are a couple of photos of my WF-55. The cabinet is approximately a 3/4 scale version of a classic Marshall 1974X, but a bit deeper to accommodate the speaker and completed chassis. I’ve covered it in OLEV drab vinyl and applied gunstock oil to the control panel. Grille cloth is unbleached linen, the roundel …

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Andrew’s SE-20 amp

“The amp was in no way noisy. I used it for a lot of recording for this reason and never had to notch-filter it. After upgrading to higher power it was slightly, but no more so than typical new guitar amps. It was looked at by a guy who works a lot with valve hifi …

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Tom’s little red amp

“Hi. I finished the amp, it worked first time, the directions were easy to follow and it sounds good. I have sent you some photos. The cabinet was made from 18mm ply and 12mm ply, joined by pocket screws and glue. The driver is a Vox AC 10 driver and the speaker cloth is a …

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Ian’s long-awaited SE-5a

“It’s been five years or more since I purchased an SE-5a kit from you and, thanks to my incredible Dad rescuing it from the depths of my wardrobe, I thought you might like to see the finished article in all its glory! Could this be something of a gestation period record? As I’m sure you …

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Ted’s angled P1800 combo

“I hope you’re well and business is going OK, amazingly it’s been over a year now since I built my P1800 and it’s still going strong. Even now I’m still finding new ways of getting different tones out of it. The cabinet design is pretty simple, almost entirely in birch plywood, mostly using 1″ but …

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Lars’ all-blue stack

“Hey! I just wanted to send you this picture of my finished amp. I didn’t have a good multimeter to use when testing the amp, but the grounds were all good and the readings I got were slightly below the typical  voltages, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt the amp if I plugged it in. …

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Raymond’s modded N5X

“I recently the N5X kit from you and spent a couple of enjoyable days building it, my first real amplifier. I have since modified it by adding a second octal base and an EL34, a 3 position wafer switch where the indicator lamp was and drilled a new hole for the lamp. I built the …

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Colin’s Tweed Princeton combo

“Just completed the build on my Tweed amp, all bar a few odds and ends. I have taken some pics during the build, if you want to use them by all means. Great little project and so very pleased with the end result.”