Customer Amp Gallery

Craig’s N5X head cabinet

Craig’s opted for a bent grille over the front, top and back of his N5X – a good option if you want to keep the valves on show.

George’s mini-stack

“Perhaps you’ll remember, a few years back I bought two SE-5a’s, a Double Six and a PP-36 from you. The SE-5a’s and the Double Six are built and working wonderfully, while the PP-36 is still in its box. Attached, please find a picture of the Double Six in our new home.”

Sam’s Double Six in a Peavey cabinet

“The box is a Peavey Studio Pro 1×12 cabinet. It covered up part of your logo so I covered all the way and attached something suitable. Deep thanks. It was fun!”

Brad’s two-tone N5X head

“Here are a couple of pics of the amp I previously bought off you (N5X). I am running the KT66 as the power valve – this makes a HUGE difference. Honestly, the natural gain and compression is, to my ear more of a SRV/Hendrix sound. I tested with EL84s (GT and JJ), 6L6 (GT and …

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Mike’s … sort of combo!

Something for the guitarist with everything, perhaps? Mike built his N5X into an old cocktail cabinet. Complete with a speaker cabinet in the lower compartment! 🙂 “Here is the finished article. Now I know how it looks and sounds I will be looking for a decent piece of furniture to put the P1800 in. I …

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Jean-Loup’s retro N5X

Jean-Loup dispensed with the chassis and panels that came with his N5X amp kit and built the amplifier into an old radio set. “I have finished an N5X amp with some minor mods. I added a rotary switch to choose on demand EL84 or 6L6GC. I fitted your toroid 20W transformer (for heater current and …

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Mark’s N5X combo

Mark overcame the standard layout of the N5X (which is a chassis that would normally sit valves-upwards) for his combo, which was built into an old Trace Elliot cabinet. “As promised, now I’’ve finished all the cosmetics here’s a couple of pictures of my NX5. The cab is a bit old and battered, but I’m …

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Dave’s wooden wonder

  I can’t do woodwork for toffee, and I’m always jealous of those who can turn beautiful wood into great amp cabinets. This is a fine example, where the wood speaks for itself. Gorgeous! 🙂

Steve’s ex-Laney combo

“I have completed the build of the Double Six, only took a day for the amp and another for the cab, sounds sweet and extremely hum free. I will take it into the studio over next couple of weeks and do some sound files for you. “The cab was originally a very tatty Laney B50 …

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Hans’ 1×12 combo

“My shiny new combo 🙂 All good. I’m running an Tungsol E34 and a Mullard 12AX7 into a G12H30. Tried a Sovtek EL84 from my Vox AC4TV and a JJ 6V6 S. All nice depending what you want. I could easily spend a week just testing different tubes.” 🙂

Lennart’s big logo N5X

“Thanks for a wonderful kit. I completed the build last night and what a sweet sound! “I changed the front panel a little bit…. I’m building my own head and cabinet. I’m pleased with the result and I enjoy the sound very much.”

Karsten’s Double Six combo

“Last weekend I installed and soldered everything. Your step-by-step instructions were very helpful. The final test were perfect and the amp sounds great without any hum.”Great amp, I love to play it! First I had the Fender-style knobs on, but then decided to put some Marshall-style knobs on. I think this looks better.”

Kevin’s snakeskin Double Six head

“Here are a couple of images attached of the finished amp. Had a great time building the amp and have enjoyed playing it. Will keep an eye out for your mods as they come out.” Kevin has also uploaded some Double Six clips: