David’s matching amps

“I just completed the cabinet for the N5X yesterday morning and thought I would send you a picture of it next to its brother – one of your P1800s. I bought the P1800 secondhand off eBay but didn’t like the cabinet so I had Chris Uff make one to my preference. I have made guitars and sold them in the past and, feeling buoyed up by a Tolex repair to an old Fender DeLuxe Reverb amp I have as well as budgetary constraints set by the wife, I decided to make a cabinet from scratch. I’m delighted with the results but in some ways I wish I hadn’t – it took me forever and I think I will buy another one off Chris next time.

“The wife and I had an online guitar and amp parts business a few years ago but we sold it, so I have experienced the pleasures and the many frustrations. As part of that I made a Princeton Reverb combo with 12in speaker. Life intervened for a number of years but I got back into it last year and scratch built a Two Stroke type amp (Dave Hunter’s design from The Guitar Amp Handbook). I used your online instructions (it’s quite similar to the WF-55) which are fantastic and were extremely helpful. That gave me the bug to do more.”