Dean’s revamped stack

“I am attaching a picture of the mostly finished cabinet build (still waiting on a jack plate for the speaker cabinet back). Originally I built a head cabinet out of some maple and walnut I had in the garage and put a temporary speaker in a 5E3 cabinet prototype from my first build so I could at least play it (patience is not one of my virtues in the area of projects!)

“I found it displeasing to my eyes that the speaker cab was a smaller width than the head so I decided to build another and do a 2 x 12 cabinet. Once I got the new speaker cabinet done I really liked the sound of the 2 12s and I played through the uncovered cabinet for a week or so. The decision on colors was hard but I kept coming back to the seafoam green and I am very pleased with the result, though my tolex skills still need some pratice and the piping work is deceptively hard to get good clean lines. “I am so pleased with the sound and tone of the final product. My current favorite guitar is a parts-caster strat with a set of Fender Custom Shop 1969 pickups and the combination is stellar!”