Lawr’s SE-5a in Marshall donor

“Thought I would drop a note about the kit I bought from you in August. It’s finally done, except for finishing touches such as graphics and some cab work. It’s an amazing and fantastic tone-monster, and I couldn’t be more pleased!

“One of the best things about the setup is the range of volume that can be had by connecting to different speaker sets. The little 10” Celestion in the Lead 12 cab can render clean through full distortion at mild volumes, and miked through the main mixer amp it is awesome. Alternate connection to Peavey 4×12 Scorpion-loaded cab produces room-clearing volume! Dimed gain and volume with either setup produce no audible hum. Just awesome!

“Fitting the kit to the chassis was a little challenging. Found out that careful use of handheld power drill with sharp bits and good cutting lube (petrolatum, of all things) was just as good or better. Due to the small spaces I had to vary the sequence of wiring somewhat.

“If the photos are adequate, I would be happy to have them in your amp gallery for comparison with the other Lead 12 adaptations that were my inspiration and guide.

“Once again, this is a fine and incredibly satisfying product and I would heartily recommend it to anyone wishing an introduction to tube amp building.”