Mick’s WF-55 blueser

“This cabinet is either retro or ‘barking’, depending on one’s views. I’ve found that performances go better if you can make them worry a bit.”

Mick chose Ford Bermuda Blue for his superb and seamless MDF-built cabinet. It looks perfect with Mick’s custom-colour Strat (perhaps it’s no coincidence that Fender’s vintage colours were also based on car paints of the time). The wood front panel is stained with Peruvian Mahogany and has three coats of acrylic lacquer.

“Leo (Fender) must have known something, because my cab has the same dimensions as an original, and it might just be the optimum for an 8-inch speaker. Very pleasing with a surprising amount of warmth and bass. I’ve made the internal baffle demountable so I can try different speakers.”

[PS: I liked this cab so much that I traded it with Mick. Plan is to respray it Dakota Red to match my own Strat.]