Robin Simmons’ Atomic reaction

Robin used the Amp Maker 18W output transformer, chrome knobs and tag boards for this fascinating build. “It all started a long time ago……, back in 1993, when I swapped a Roger Waters CD, for some “scrap” from a loft. It turned out to be an early 1960’s LINEAR EL84 ultra-linear cage amp in very poor repair. The Amp has kept the original power transformer, and the EZ81 stayed too, but does include the third ECC83. The amp is now loosely based on a Soldano Atomic 16, but with different gain stages, tone control / power section. The front panel used some 40mm kitchen worktop edge strip to cover the original holes, sprayed white, and the legend done on the PC with waterslide paper, with lacquer to finish it off.”

“After a lot of work it all came together and I now have a fully finished combo. The Amp Maker output transformer sounds superb, and I am very pleased with the quality of the knobs. The gold marker dot is a must, Blackstar use the same knobs but all chrome, and you can’t tell where you have set the thing.”

Robin has also kindly included an animated graphic that shows the action of the ‘Tilt’ tone control (below).