0.6W metal film resistors

0.6W metal film resistors from 10ohms to 2.2Mohms


Not a lot to say here 🙂 I carry a range of signal-path resistors in typical power and value ratings. All are modern manufacture. I carry most values from 10r-2.2M in the more commonly used 0.5/1W power ratings. I also have power supply resistors in 3W and 5W. These metal film resistors have four bands to indicate the resistance (1% tolerance).


One thing to note: manufacturers are gradually shrinking the size of metal-fim resistors under 1W. Some of the 0.6W resistors are considerably smaller than older styles. That makes them great for very tight layouts, but can be surprising when you first see them.



Note: (As of 29/06/22, Amp Maker is taking a Summer holiday. Orders placed now will ship from 25/07/22.)