36W push pull output transformer

4k ohms primary, 8 & 16 ohm outputs, ideal for AC-30 builds


Another output transformer on clearance, this is the original output TX for the PP-36 amp kit. Also used for AC30-based projects, it’s designed for four EL84s running in push-pull. It’s made by the same British manufacturer as all Amp Maker transformers, based on measurements taken from an old Vox AC-30 OT.


It’s designed for use in a typical 4 x EL84 valve power amp, but would work fine in any push-pull output stage of 30-36W that requires a 4k ohms primary impedance. It has 8 and 16 ohm speaker taps. It’s in a shrouded stand-up style, with ‘bell covers’ on both sides and has flying leads (substantially more expensive to manufacturer, but my preference for higher powered transformers).


Dimensions & info

This is a substantial output transformer: 98mm tall, 94mm deep and 80mm wide. The fixing centres on the bottom of the bell covers are 60x64mm. It weighs approx 2.3kg. All connections are by wire (approx 150mm long) which come through a pair of grommets on one of the bell covers (which makes it suitable for the lay-down style of some Vox AC-30s).



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