Blank chassis small

Compact chassis, perfect for simple amplifiers with 2-3 valves


This chassis blank is made from 1/16in (1.6mm) aluminium, cut and folded to create a chassis that’s suitable for a small amplifier using 2 or 3 valves. The photo (below right) shows the inside of the chassis with three tag boards.


It mounts like a vintage Marshall chassis, via four M6 cage nuts on the flanges, but the front and rear sides of the chassis run full-width. You can mount it against the top of a head cabinet (like a Fender) or against the bottom (like a typical Marshall). The outward-folded flanges ensure that the mounting screws do not enter into the amplifier chassis – for safety – and there are no internal folds, so you have unimpeded access to all internal components.


The front, back and top of the chassis are left unpunched. The flanges are punched with 4 holes for cage nuts (M6 type, which are exactly the same as those used to hold 19in rackmount FX processors/etc in a rack).


Dimensions & info
The chassis is 254mm wide, 170mm deep and 50mm tall. The internal dimensions are 210x167x49mm. Made in the UK. It’s aluminium which is soft enough to work easily with DIY tools. I suggest using a small metal files to help make rectangular and D-shape holes. Q-Max hand punches are perfect for making valve socket holes.



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