Electrolytic capacitors - low voltage

Axial form, ideal for cathode-bypass positions, in values from 1uF to 470uF


Just about every amp uses cathode-bypass caps, and I stock most popular values. All of these caps are rated at 25-100V. All of these electrolytic caps are axial, with leads long enough to stretch across opposite turrets on a 76.5mm-wide turret board.


The body of these caps varies in size according to its value and voltage rating. For example, the 1u/100V is 11mm long and 4mm diameter, and the 200uF/63V is 25mm long and 10mm diameter.




Note: (April 2022: the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions have disrupted the global supply of valves. Therefore, only the version without valves is available until further notice.).