Gold plexi rear panel

Rear plexi panel, pre-punched for mains, fuse, speakers


ON CLEARANCE: This control panel is made of material very similar in appearance to the gold plastic used in the 1960s plexi era. This is a generic rear panel, punched for an IEC mains socket, a fuseholder and a pair of speaker sockets (labelled 8- and 16-ohms). The labels for both IEC socket and fuseholder are pre-printed with common ratings: 120V/240V and 0.5A/1A/2A, respectively. Just black out the irrelevant figures to leave the correct ratings for your particular amplifier (see right). There are also matching front panels available.


Dimensions & info

The panel is 483mm wide, 63mm tall and approx 1.5mm thick, sized to fit the medium blank chassis. NOTE: I’ve found out the hard way that suppliers mix slightly different gold colours each time they make these panels. 🙁 This means that there may be a slight colour difference between front and rear panel. Once an amplifier is assembled, this difference is not visible of course. But for the moment, these rear panels are slightly cheaper than the front to reflect this.



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Note: (As of 29/06/22, Amp Maker is taking a Summer holiday. Orders placed now will ship from 25/07/22.)