6mm heatshrink material for insulating connections in your amp

You can use heatshrink sleeving to cover exposed connections in your amp. For example, if you want to extend a cable that carries signal or high DC voltages, you can cover the join with this insulation. It slips over the cable and you use heat to make it shrink tight over the connection. Ideally, you use a hot-air gun, but it’s also possible to CAREFULLY use a cigarette lighter, held a few inches below the heatshrink. (So it’s the hot air that does the shrinking – NOT THE FLAME!) Definitely not text-book.


If you want heatshrink to complete an amp build, you may prefer to save money by buying a pre-packaged bag of wire. This includes this heatshrink, as well as assorted colours of 1000V/3A hook-up wire and bare hook-up wire. See assorted wire pack for details and pricing.


Dimensions & info

The heatshrink’s pre-shrunk diameter is 6mm, and it shrinks to 2mm (3:1). It’s black in colour. As it’s quite expensive, and there’s no point having lots of it left over, it’s priced per 10cm length (approx 4 inches).


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