Hi voltage warning sticker

Self-adhesive high-voltage warning for back panels


A self-builder may know and understand the hazards inside a valve amplifier’s chassis, but other people may not. I’ve seen quite a few assembled kits and scratch-built amplifiers advertised for sale over the years. Few, if any, have let buyers know that there are genuine safety issues inside the amplifier. This is a vital safety precaution IMHO. So I had some labels made up – self-adhesive and designed to be added to any amplifier’s back panel.


Dimensions & info

The sticker is 50x25mm, made of vinyl and self-adhesive. The wording is: “Warning! Danger of fatal shock within. This product uses high voltages. Refer to competent personnel for servicing/repairs.” An essential safety warning for any valve amplifier. Adhesive sticks it to any panel type: aluminium, steel or plastic.



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