Hook-up wire (1500V 6A) PVC

Ideal for heater supplies on high power amps, or internal wiring for speakers

This hook-up wire is intended for high-current circuits in the amplifier (or within a speaker cab). It’s PVC insulated and I stock the red and black colours that are most typical in 6.3V heater supplies.


Dimensions & info

The cable’s overall diameter – including the insulation – is 2.6mm. The wire is stranded (32 separate copper wires). The insulation is PVC. At 1500V and 6A, its ratings are more than enough for any part of a valve amplifier circuit.


Note that this wire is fairly thick and it can be a nightmare trying to get two wires into smaller solder lugs (e.g. those on 9-pin valve sockets). You might like to consider the far superior PTFE (Teflon) wire for these connections. This cable is priced per metre (just over 3ft).



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