IEC mains socket

Chassis-mounting three-pin socket, rated at 250V AC and 10A

Black plastic IEC sockets, rated at 10A – well above the needs of any conceivable guitar amp. It has three large ‘spade’ connectors on the rear, but these include holes to use for soldered connections.


Dimensions & info

The sockets require a 20×27.5mm rectangular or rounded rectangular hole to mount from the outside of the chassis. It’s also possible to mount the socket from inside the chassis, although you’ll need to make a larger rounded rectangular hole. The fixing holes in the mounting ring are 40mm apart. You can use M3 hardware (with countersunk screwheads) to fix the IEC socket to the chassis.


Out of stock

Note: (April 2022: the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions have disrupted the global supply of valves. Therefore, only the version without valves is available until further notice.).